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Every remodeling project has its complications, but when you hire Matthews General Contractors, you can feel confident that your project is in good hands. You can count on us to make sure your bathroom is equipped with everything you need to relax and get ready each day.

Do you have a tub that you don’t want anymore? Let us upgrade your grooming experience by converting your tub to a shower. Our team will handle every aspect of the tub to shower remodel, including:

Tub removal
Faucet removal
Shower base installation
Wall repair and installation
Shower door installation

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Benefits of a tub to shower conversion

Benefits of a tub to shower conversion

There are a handful of benefits that can come from a tub to shower remodeling project. When you schedule a tub to shower conversion, you can:

  • Create more floor space—by getting rid of your tub, you’re creating a larger and potentially more luxurious bathing area.
  • Present an obstacle-free entry—getting in and out of a tub can be a chore, but with a shower, you can enter your bathing area without worry of falling.
  • Provide a place to sit—converting your tub into a shower means you have more space to work with and you now have room for a small seat.
  • Add sliding doors—a tub to shower remodel means that you can make your shower the focal point of your bathroom by adding glass sliding or shower doors.

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